Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sapporo East

On September 1,2010, the WW group lunched at Sapporo East, located at 4612 Carlise Pike, Mechanicsburg.
Sapporo East ( SE) has a special lunch menu with choices such as Hibachi,Tempura, Terryaki and Don Buri and Sushi combos. All come with soup and salad. The atmosphere in the small main dining room is not conducive to a relaxing lunch; however, SE always seats us in a side dining room. On this visit WW was not as impressed as in past visits.  This restaurant usually receives a four chopstick rating. No raves for the rather blah soup but the salad was excellent with crisp lettuce and a lovely ginger dressing.. Some members complained that the shrimp was dry and the tuna had bones in it. For this visit SE receives a three chopstick rating.

Monday, September 13, 2010


The WW group lunched at Mitaka on August 25,2010. This restaurant is located at 560 South 29th Street in Harrisburg. 

The decor, minimal Japanese, created a soothing ,calming dining atmosphere. Mitaka featured luncheon specials such as Bento Boxes,Sushi roll specials,noodle soups and Don Buri. Specials also featured soup and salad. Soups were excellent, especially the clear soup. Salads were large with crisp lettuce and lots of spicy ginger dressing. The WW group sampled a variety of the specials and gave Mitaka a 4 chopstick rating.

Mitaka deserves a return visit.

About Us - The Wasabi Wednesday (WW) Group

In future blogs we will tell you about the WW members.In the WW group, we have a living legacy of the Harrisburg area, a CEO of an international magazine, artists and designers, a college professor who has sampled sushi from Puget Sound to Boston Harbor, a PSU expert and a community activist.

We invite you, Wasabi Peas( our faithful readers, to comment on our blog and to suggest restaurants.

We rate restaurants by chopsticks on a 1 to 5 with 5 as the highest rating.  The opinions of the restaurants are opinions of the WW group.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the beginning

         Welcome to Wasabi Wednesday. This is a blog about Asian Fusion food in the Harrisburg, PA area. Wasabi Wednesday (WW) is a group of friends who lunch together on (you get it) Wednesday. WW met for lunch at Ginger & Spice until the restaurant burned down earlier this year. WW continues to lunch at a differant Asian restaurant each week. We will be blogging about these restaurants and we hope you (Wasabi Peas) will join in the conversation.